My Shoulder Massage Hacks

Are you the type of person who unconsciously will tense their shoulder while typing at your desk? Do you wake up and find you’ve been sleeping with your head all to one side?  Or do you just feel tension in your shoulders a lot? If that’s the case, you need some massage help my friend.

Why Shoulder massage?

If your back is the tube that keeps your whole body standing up, then the shoulders are the supports that stop it from tipping over. The shoulders are an often underutilised and incredibly strong muscle group and we put them through a slot without even knowing it; from when we’re kids carrying schoolbags weighed down with textbooks to adult who would rather dumbbell carry all their shopping from the car rather than make two trips.

Here are my hacks for shoulder massages.

Hack 1: Lie down and look side to side

A lot of the tension in your shoulder comes from your trapezius muscles scrunching in on themselves. With that tightness, you’ll think the best thing to do is stand up, and pull your arm back by the elbow to engage the tricep and trap, but then you’d be doing it all wrong.

Instead, lie on the floor like you’re tanning on the beach and just move your head side to side with your hands clasped behind your head. If you slow the movement down, you’ll be able to figure out just where the shoulder pain is coming from better.

Hack 2: Star waving at no one

Don’t worry you get to do this one in your home, unless you want to start making friends on the street. Think of how many times a day you raise your arm. Unless you’re reaching up in the cupboard for more tea bags or pulling the shower curtain, your shoulder muscles will never get full flexion. When a shoulder feels stiff, laterally raise your arms slowly and rotate your wrist when your hand is up. It will help get a nice stretch on the go without putting too much stress on.

Hack 3: Get a proper massage

There’s a funny episode of Seinfeld (well they all are really) where Jerry is dating a masseuse and tries his hardest to get a free massage from her. Don’t be as stingy as him if you have real trouble with your shoulders and get one booked in with a local clinic. I live in Kensal Green and when I need one (because I obviously can’t massage myself) I save a pretty penny by having a search online for Massages in London and find local deals from clinics nearby. You’d be surprised how cheap a shoulder massage for half an hour can be and its much better having an expert figure out and alleviating any of your pain.

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