My Head Massage Hacks

A head massage feels great, so great that in many cultures it’s become normal to receive a head massage as part of getting your haircut. Whether your giving one to your partner or one to yourself, the answer to quick stress relief might be right at your fingertips.

Why Head Massage?

Any type of massage is likely to lower blood pressure and stress and increase blood flow. On top of this a head massage will help clear up headaches, and because it’s connected to your scalp, it will also stimulate hair follicles, meaning your hair will grow faster. Who knew?

Here are my head massage hacks

Hack 1: Run around in circles

No don’t go and grab your running shoes. A very simple DIY stress relief technique for the head is to forgo rubbing on your forehead and instead focus on the sides. Rubbing in a circular motion away from the temples is a tried and tested relaxation technique, which is commonly employed by hairdressers when they’re washing their hair (notice how its also the most relaxing part of the haircut)

HACK 2: Give Some Support

If you’re going to be giving someone else a head massage, don’t just have them lie with their head on a pillow. You don’t want to be in a situation where the head is at an angle and someone’s chin is tucking in towards their neck. Instead you need to get something like a towel which you’ve rolled up, and place it on the base of the neck. It gives better support and makes it easier for you to reach around the head while you massage.

HACK 3: Jab Your Knuckles

Take your hand and put it behind your head. Chances are that you’ll have wrapped it around the base of your head where you spine ends, unless you’re a madman and plonked your hand right on top. ¬†When you’re holding a baby its a very delicate area and when you’re an adult it is where A LOT of stress in muscles build up. If someone is looking for a really good and hard head massage, make a fist and run your knuckles back and forwards around this area.

If the person doesn’t find any inconvenience with that movement, apply more pressure and you’ll feel the tension yourself press against your knuckles. Because of the position it’s a hard point for self massage, even with a ball, so having someone else do it helps.

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