My Back Massage Hacks

Nearly everyone deals with back pain, it’s estimated up to 80% of adults deal with it at some point in their lives. Ouch! So how can we deal with back pain? Exercising certainly helps as does having a good bed, but one of the best ways to treat back pain is with a massage. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Giving those painful muscles a nice rub down can help with back pain, but you need to know how to do it first. We’ve put together some handy hacks to show you the best way to a good back massage.

Why Back Massage? 

Your back is used in pretty much every motion, whether you’re at the gym or are sitting at a desk, so there’s understandably going to be some tension there. A back massage will release that tension, which will leave you with less muscle pain and likely less stress into the bargain. A back massage will also relax those larger muscles in your back which may be causing you problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. In general tightness will be alleviated, which will improve your range of motion, great for athletes who have been slowed down by constant back pain.

Here are my hacks


The back is a large area of the body, so when you’re massaging you want your hand to glide across the skin as smoothly as possibly. Rub the oil between your hands before applying, and use long, even strokes to spread it evenly across the back. Start at the bottom of the back and move upwards, as this is the direction of blood flow. There are great natural oils available, such as organic coconut oil and almond oil.

Use Different Techniques

The different areas of the back require different movements and pressures applied to them in order to provide the best stimulation to the muscles. You can use percussive strokes, which are quick repetitive pressured movements with fingertips or the flat of your fingers on the knuckle side. This has a stimulating effect on the muscles. You can also use muscle-lifting techniques, by closing your fingers, holding out your thumb and applying pressure in a curling, lifting motion on the muscles. Using multiple massaging techniques will cover all the bases, making sure every area of the back has been stimulated.

More people search in google for back massage than any other part of the body, so some tricks to giving a good back massage is something well worth having in your repertoire. Keep these in mind the next time your partner asks you for a rub down!


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